Locations of our upcoming flights

Our upcoming flights

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What is Fly For You ?

First of all, Fly For You is a family history of passion. This passion is shared with our passengers, accompanied and heard before they live an unforgettable moment in the air.

Whether it is a first flight or not, the choices of helicopter flights offered (from 15 to 90 kilometers) allows each one to find option corresponding to their desire and budget.

With more than 6000 passengers a year, we elaborate the best tour to guarantee you an unforgettable moment in strict observance of Safety rules and standards. 

We come to meet you in the South East of France (Gard, Var, Lubéron, Hérault, Vaucluse, Ardèche) following the calendar which is to be found on our website.

More than
passengers every year
Main helicopter used : Robinson R
Cities visited in the South East of France
Pilots holder of the CPL (professional license)
% of our clients recommend us
€ per person

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