Fox Lima Yankee - Fox Oscar Romeo - Yankee Oscar Uniform


Tango Papa : Flights director

He is the conductor of Fly For You’s logistic. Without him, no Robinson R44, no drop zone… Basically, no chocolate 😉

His function is to prepare our arrivals by validating the technical feasibility. He visits the locations first and confirms they correspond to our standards.

He is often the one briefing you before taking off, helping your board and land.

  • His passion : Puns
  • His phobia : Questions in Dutch

Bravo Papa : General director New York International

She is the head of the administrative questions, accounting, management, purchase, sale, aftermarket… Basically, she is our responsible side, so she is essential. She is the one obtaining the permits we need and planning the flights.

On the spot, she is here to give answer to all your questions (sometimes even more ;)), before registering your flight option. (It is even said that she gives nice children candies).

  • Her passion : a respected schedule
  • Her phobia : Tango and Sierra taking care of reservations

Sierra Mike : Community Manager

A Solid State Drive in one hand, and an Android phone on the other, he is the one who highlights our pretty flights and answers you on the social networks. Sometimes we unplug him so we can enjoy his funny impressions

On the spot, he handles the process of your souvenir videos before giving them to you. He also collects you after-flights feelings.

  • His passion : an acute obsession for symmetry in tidying
  • His phobia : Tidying !


Juliet Oscar : Pilot

Enthusiasm and passion of flying are running through this young man’s veins who wears, most of time, city shoes.

Backed with his different experiences, which took him until New York, his priority is have you spend an incredible moment. He competes for the title of « Geek of The Team » alongside Sierra Mike and will be the Number 1 pilot of the Team in 2016.

  • His passion : aperitif (with moderation and, be rassured, outside flying hours)
  • His phobia : the train

November Alpha : Pilot

From the pole plant in Val d’Isère to the helicopter, only FlyForYou can have find your favorite ski instructor in charge of the Robinson R44. Like a real bird, he develops his passion for the air since he was a little boy and, besides helicopter, he practices paragliding, speed flying…

Discreet and nice, he is the perfect son in law 😉

  • His passion : Perfect landings
  • His phobia : To lose at dice games against Sierra Mike and Tango Papa

Bravo Oscar (ou Hyppolite) : Pilote

2015 FFY Pilot, he was last season’s Number 1 pilot

Regularly wearing crazy haircuts, he is our more experienced pilot. Currently, he walks his own path without losing touch with the Team. He is part of the family and we hope he’ll make a few appearances soon.

  • His passion : Dinosaurs and bouncy castles.
  • His phobia : Sliperry slopes